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Endodontic Procedures

Northshore Endodontics provides the following specialty procedures:


Involves the collection and evaluation of the historical, dental, and clinical data that will help us to determine the source of your problem and the appropriate treatment modalities to correct your problem.

Non Surgical Root Canal Treatment

This treatment involves the cleaning, shaping, and obturation (filling) of the root canal system. A local anesthetic is used just like when you are having fillings or crowns placed. A rubber dam is placed on your tooth. This serves as a surgical drape which isolates the cleaning fluids and the tooth debris that are generated during the endodontic treatment from the back of your throat. Access to the root canal system is obtained thru the top of the tooth. The canal system is filled with an inert material called gutta percha with the aid of a sealer. A temporary restoration is then placed in the access opening and you will be referred back to your general dentist to have the final restoration placed.

Non Surgical Root Canal Re- Treatment

This treatment involves the removal of the material used to fill the original access opening. If there is a crown present sometimes it is necessary to remove it if it is defective. Next any posts and pins are removed if they are present. Finally the root canal filling material must be removed itself. Many times this treatment involves more than one visit. After this treatment is completed a temporary will be placed in your tooth and you will be referred back to your general dentist to have the final restoration placed.


Sometimes during the course of treatment it is discovered that the tooth has been so severely damaged and weakened by recurrent decay, internal resorption, or catastrophic cracks that it is structurally unsound and would have a poor prognosis of being restored to a state of function and comfort then we will suggest that it be extracted and you will be referred back to your dentist for a discussion on what your restorative options might be ( do nothing, removable partial, crown and bridge, or implant surgery / restorative).

Even though conventional endodontic treatment enjoys a high degree of success it can also fail because of; complicated internal canal morphology, missed canals, cracks in the teeth that cannot be observed, failure to have the tooth restored in a timely manner with an appropriate restoration, and marginal leakage which re-infects the canal system when a restoration does not fit properly or experiences new sites of decay.

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